Background of SRI

The Solar Research Institute (SRI) objectives in line with the direction of the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) to utilize the university’s expertise to assist and support the community and industry. In this regard, the experience obtained via pragmatic research activities indirectly assist toward providing services through training and consulting/commercialization to several government institutions and industries. SRI has extensive experience in conducting collaborative research and consultancy activities with industries especially in the field of electrical power engineering leading to solar energy system. In addition, collaborative relationship with local and foreign universities are to enhance existing technology and expertise in the integration of solar energy system. SRI conduct research activities specifically on the integration of solar PV system that plays an important role in assisting to improve the operation and performance of the UiTMs’ Solar Power Plant (LSSPV) in Gambang and Pasir Gudang, as well as the solar PV rooftop at several branches in UiTM. SRI fully utilize the opportunities, facilities and equipment available at the UiTMs’ LSSPV and solar PV rooftop for more inductive and pragmatic research purposes so that this expertise can be fully utilized to the community through industry contributions from training and consulting services/commercialization. Apart from conducting research activities, SRI also provide training and consulting/commercialization services to the community and industry at the national and international levels.

SRI Research Activities to Support UiTM Solar PV Systems