Associate Professor  Ir. Dr. Nofri Yenita Binti Dahlan

This unit is included in the hierarchical level II (Hierarchical Level II/ HLII) basically focused on the Grid/Transmission section in power system terminology. It involves research in Micro-Grid, Smart-Grid, Demand Side Management (DSM), solar power forecasting & protection, monitoring the performance of solar energy systems, electricity market, tariffs & policies and many more.


Micro Grid and Smart Grid

Research with industry and/ or universities in venturing into new technologies in the field of Micro-Grid and Smart-Grid that combine with the solar energy systems and energy storage systems (ESS/ batteries) in order to assist towards the  energy conservation and carbon emissions mitigation. Micro-Grid (Micro-Grid) and Smart-Grid (Smart-Grid) are intended to operate independently (islanding operation) from the main grid to supply energy to consumers at all times, especially during emergencies. This new technology is an innovative solution to enable power systems to operate more reliable and efficient in order to meet future needs in Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region (S.E. Asia) wherein the users will conserve energy with cost effective, while enjoying a high quality lifestyle and sustainable environment.

Demand Side Management

Research with industry and/ or universities in venturing into new technologies by combining solar energy systems, energy storage systems (ESS/ batteries), sensors and many more in order to ensure that the user electricity costs can be reduced through the transition of energy generation during peak load periods. The DSM approach will also be investigated considering the impact of solar systems that able to increase the reliability of the generation system with effective electricity costs.

Electricity Market, Tariffs & Policies

Research with industry and/or universities in economics, policies, business models, related retail markets, tariffs and policies with the integration of solar energy systems and renewable energy (RE) technologies upon operating in the main grid.