Dr. Azlin Binti Azmi

This unit is included in the hierarchical level III (Hierarchical Level III/ HLIII) basically focused on the distribution section in power system terminology. It involves research in demand response (DR), electric vehicle charging, active power filter (APF), IoT, and many more.


Energy Efficiency

Research with industry and/or universities to venture into new technologies in the field of energy efficiency applied to the large-scale buildings and generating systems by taking into account the impact of solar energy systems.

Demand Response (DR)

Research with industry and/or universities to introduce new technologies that play an important role to consumers by reducing or shifting energy consumption during peak periods of electricity bills.

Electric Vehicle Charging System

Research with industry and/ or universities related to the fast charging systems for electric vehicles powered by the combination of solar energy systems, energy storage (ESS/ batteries) and mains grid. This includes research studies on optimal charging scheduling algorithms for a number of EV vehicles under a real-time pricing scheme taking into account the uncertainties of electricity prices, power system operation and battery degradation.

Active Power Filter

Research with industry and/or universities to introduce new technologies in Active Power Filter (APF) that has its own special features that able to overcome complex energy quality issues arise during the operation of solar energy systems connected to the main grid.