Solar Research Institute (SRI)

About Us

UiTM Solar Research Institute (SRI) is a centre of excellence dedicated to strengthening the research on renewable energy such as solar energy systems for the purpose of developing new technologies, especially in the field of power systems. The establishment of this centre of excellence is aiming to enhance pragmatic research activities as well as provide expert advice through training and consulting or commercialization related to the solar energy system, which can benefit from the development and operation of the UiTM Solar Power Station in Gambang, Pahang.

The station is fully operational on 5th April 2019 to provide electricity to the TNB National Grid System. This centre of excellence is focusing on several main areas that have been identified in line with the key priorities of the energy industry such as those at the ASEAN Centre of Energy (ACE).

Notably, the Southeast Asia (S.E. Asia) regional energy strategy consolidation project (including Malaysia) is an initiative undertaken by ACE under the ASEAN Power Grid (APG) program. The establishment of this centre of excellence is also in line with the direction of the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE), Malaysia to leverage the University’s expertise that will be useful and beneficial to the community and industry.

SRI Vision

The vision is to make the Solar Research Institute (SRI) an excellent and internationally renowned in the field of solar energy systems, sustainable energy technology and power system integration through various disciplines of research, innovation and commercialization

SRI Mission

  • Conduct world -class research in solar energy technology as well as renewable energy, system integration, management and policy towards a reliable and sustainable power system
  • Creating and disseminating the latest knowledge through research, innovation and commercialization to the community
  • Enhance national and global expertise in sustainable energy systems through technology transfer, training and consultancy/commercialization services.

SRI Organization Chart

Research Scope

Smart Grid and System Integration

Energy-to-grid integration, Photovoltaic (PV) capability and system performance, solar detection, measurement and forecasting, and modelling.

Advanced and Efficient Technology

Latest technology research of a basic and applied nature, including theory and modeling, advanced materials, device design, engineering, and measurement and characterization such as PV, Solar thermal, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

Infrastructure, Agro-Voltaic and Supporting Eco-System

Development of solar infrastructure, agrovoltaics, and things in the solar chain that are not included in other units

Socio-Economic, Policy and Climate Change Management

Social and economic; in addition to the impact of solar energy and its ecosystem on economic and social matters, also relevant policies in balancing technological, human and environmental needs. The unit also looks at mitigation, adaptation and assessment of the impact of climate risks in the solar sector.

SRI Fellow

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